Friday, January 30, 2015

6 Months Later

My little miss was born 6 months ago! Time flies. It just flies. Way too fast. Must. Slow. Down. Anyways I have been majorly sucking with blog posting and I apologize. Work, kids, life, it all just took over. Here's some pics from the past couple of months -

At the start of the year, I took time to write down my fitness, personal and professional goals for this year. I really think it's important to create measurable goals. So saying your goal for the year is to have a nice ass (yes this is one of goals) isn't enough, you need to say how you're going to accomplish that goal. So take "I want a nice ass" and make it "I want to be able to hip thrust 75 lbs." Makes sense? Measurable goals aren't subjective. Today you may think your ass is fantastic while tomorrow you may think it's flatter than Miley Cyrus. But, if you can hip thrust 75 lbs, you better believe it's pretty fantastic.

Okay so here's my goals for 2015. Hold me accountable, I don't mind.

Health & Fitness

Back Squat 1RM > Body weight
Overhead Squat 1RM = 55 lbs
Power Clean 1RM = 75 lbs
Deadlift 1RM = 200 lbs
Drink more water - between 48-65 oz a day


More Patience
More Me Time
New Organized House


More than 1 person reporting to me

And that's it. I kept it pretty simple. As the year progresses, I may add to those goals but I will not remove anything because it mattered enough for me to write it down to begin with. Speaking of writing it down, I bought a cute little notebook and wrote down my fitness goals as well as every workout. I also write quotes here and there to give me motivation. Anything helps.

These past couple months I have really made an effort to work out at least 3 times a week and it shows. I am planning to take progress pics sometime this weekend and I will post them. My belly isn't where I want it to be yet but I sure can see a difference in my butt, arms and posture! I have also made sure to drink much more water than I'm used to and while I'm peeing a lot, my skin seems to be getting better. Baby steps.

If you haven't already caught me on IG, follow me @myrunningstart. You'll see my workouts, progress pics and lots of pics of beer. Yea I like beer.