Sunday, September 30, 2012


Yesterday morning I had two cups of coffee, a couple glasses of water, left my son with my husband and went out for a run. I ran further than I did last time but my pace was a little slower (1.79 miles with an average speed of 6.02 mph and a max speed of 11.80 mph). I ran at just under 10 minutes a mile. Though my time wasn't great, I was really proud of my distance. I went from running 1.19 miles to 1.79 miles and didn't feel very tired after a mile. I'm sure that's partially due to the weather. Running in the Fall is pretty wonderful - the air was crisp, I wasn't pouring sweat and I actually enjoyed my run! 

When I got home, I took the dogs out for a quick walk and then took my oldest dog to the vet. We had an appointment at 10 am so I was wondering if I would get time to get a run in. The old me would have used the appointment as an excuse not to go. The new me decided I would just go on a run, cool down and take my dog straight to the vet. Who needs to get all showered and pretty for the vet anyways, right? 

On our way back from the vet, I got to thinking about some secrets for motivation. When I woke up yesterday, I certainly wasn't thinking about going for a run. I was hoping my son would sleep in and let me get some extra sleep. No luck there. So how did I get my motivation? 

Reward yourself. Doing something you enjoy but only doing it after you complete something else is highly motivating. We are motivated by rewards. I truly enjoy writing this blog but I know I can only write if I run so my motivation for running is to write another post. 

Plan another route. I realized that I constantly run the same route so I know when I hit a mile and subconsciously I get tired at the mile mark. My husband suggested another route to me yesterday and I was so caught up in running that I didn't even realize I was tired; I was just trying to run to the end of the route. If you spend a little time on planning your route, or just run a different direction until you get tired, you're more likely to go out running again.

Drink a coffee before you run. I like running in the mornings but there's no way I can get right up and go out. I'm just not there yet and don't know if I ever will be. So two cups of coffee helps me go...running. 

Women's Running Magazine. You'd think I work for them! I don't even have a subscription, though I think one day I will. I just liked the page on Facebook and read the articles posted and they motivate me. Reading about how a mother in her 60's started running 5Ks with her daughter is pretty motivating.

Download a Running app on your phone. I like knowing how far I run, what my speed was and how many calories I burned. I downloaded a free app, AllSport GPS, and save my sessions. I actually use my husband's arm strap, start up the app, put my phone in the arm strap and go. The strap is pretty inexpensive as well, around $10. 

With these secrets having motivation is easy. Try them out on your next run and let me know how it goes. Feel free to post comments on how you get your motivation as well, I'm willing to try anything! 

I've posted a picture of me after my run yesterday!

Until my next run,

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