Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Going back to Running, Running, Running

Though my fitness goals have evolved and I'm focusing on strength training as well as running, I have by no means forgotten my first love - running (no offense Michael, you know what I mean!). I love running. In fact, I miss my long distance runs. Scheduling time with my trainer has affected my running because I feel guilty taking too much time away from Little Beast. That said, lately I have been focusing on speed and improving my 5K time. My second 5K is this weekend at Silver Decoy Winery. I'm hoping to run it in 27 minutes. My First 5K was in March and I ran it in 30:44. Taking 3 minutes off my time will be tough but I think I'll be able to do it. To be honest, strength training has helped me become faster. My legs and butt (woohoo!) already feel stronger and I'm excited to see what Sunday brings.
Yesterday I took Little Beast out on a run in the jogging stroller and even though I only ran 2.6 miles, I ran it at the same pace as my first 5K, at roughly 10 min/mile. My first 5K was actually a little over 10 min/mile so the fact that I could push the jogging stroller and run at a faster pace makes me thankful I started strength training.

Tonight I have another strength training session with Trainer. I'm looking forward to it. She really kicks my ass. The last workout, two days ago, I squatted 75 pounds, worked on my kettlebell swing, did some ab work, lunges and burpees followed by kettlebell swings. It was absolutely insane. I don't really like burpees but the fact that I'm getting better at them makes me like them. Strange huh? The fact that they are so hard makes people avoid them but they work pretty much your entire body!

Ever since I have switched the focus from getting skinny to being strong, I feel a weight lifted off me (no pun intended!) I do find myself looking at my body more to see changes and while people may not notice them yet, I certainly do. I'm excited to publish before and after pictures in the next couple months for you all to see. Hopefully I have made significant changes by then.

Of course, running and strength training are only part of it. I have been working on eating better and it's been a huge challenge. I now drink a daily green juice which includes spinach, kale, parsley, celery, broccoli,  green apple, and a little lemon. It's actually pretty good!

I also recently bought almond butter to put on rice cakes as a snack. I started with peanut butter and made the slow transition to almond butter. It's not peanut butter but it's okay, just takes some getting used to. If you're wondering where I get these ideas, I am following the advice of my coworker's nutritionist. With spending money on the gym as well as crossfit box (eventually!), I have no money to spend on a nutritionist. So I get tips here and there and am figuring it out as I go. If you have any healthy recipes or want to share your daily meals, go ahead and comment! I'm always looking for something that's healthy and tastes good!


  1. Almond butter is the best! When I went to my regular grocery store today they were no longer carrying it. Grrr!

    Strength training should help with your running. You need a well rounded routine that includes all five elements of fitness to achieve your goals. Even your running ones! Sounds like you have a great trainer!

  2. Carli, I do love my trainer. She's a sweetheart which makes me enjoy my workouts even more fun. And I can't lie, I got used to almond butter a whole lot faster than rice cakes! :)


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