Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Romantic Memorial Day Murph

Hubby and I purchased shirts for MDM 2013 (Memorial Day Murph) - a yearly fundraiser named after Navy LT Michael Murphy who was killed in Afghanistan on June 28th 2005. The idea is to honor all fallen military members with a challenging workout. We were passionate about the fundraiser. We paid extra to have the shirts delivered on time. All day Saturday and Sunday of Memorial Day weekend we talked about how hard Murph was going to be on Monday. We didn't feel well, took vitamin C packs, slept extra and made sure we were ready for the workout on Memorial Day. Since it would be my second CrossFit class, I was especially nervous. Monday morning we dropped Little Beast to my parents, wore our Murph shirts and went to CrossFit. We get there and there is a small group of people doing a class. We yell "Yeahhh MURPHH!" when we walk in. You can imagine our faces when the instructor told us we were late. Yep, two days late! Memorial Day Murph was on Saturday. Duh. We felt dumb. We laughed at ourselves. I actually used my son as an excuse - can you tell we're parents of a toddler? Meanwhile the instructor has 3 kids of his own! We laughed ourselves all the way to the car and then to the park to do what we signed up for. We did Murph together. For those unfamiliar, this is what we did -

Half Mile Run
50 Pull Ups 
100 Push Ups
150 Air Squats
Half Mile Run

And that's a modified Murph. We split up the pull ups, push ups and air squats in sets of 5. It was tough. But we finished. We both sat down and felt like we were going to throw up. In our weird world, it was romantic and I am half glad we missed the class so that I got to do it with Hubby. I would have liked to actually participate in the class though. Oh well, next year we know Memorial Day Murph may not be on Memorial Day!

We did it!

Since it was a long weekend, my eating wasn't on track at all. I'm slowly and surely getting back on track. I have an appointment with Trainer tonight so I'm looking forward to that. Though I haven't been running as much as I would like, I have worked out 17 days this month so far. That's a record for me! 

I have also recruited new members to my local running group. I've mentioned in an earlier post that I am a local chapter leader for the national running group Moms RUN This Town and I am very excited to say that we now have 8 members in our group! If you are interested in joining a group near you, please go to the site and look for a local chapter. 

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