Friday, November 8, 2013

Me vs Kipping

Life has drastically changed (little exaggeration here) since we bought a squat rack for our garage. Hubby and I have been working on our lifts and kips ever since he and Little Beast assembled the rack. Cute huh? Check them out!

Love my men <3 td="">
Speaking of kips, I am still not there. I have managed the swinging part but don't have the strength to pull myself up. After working on them last night, I realized I'm probably doing something wrong so I googled help with kipping and came across this blog. She's awesome. I have already subscribed to her blog. Anywho, the blog post referred me to Jason Khalipa's tutorial on kipping pull ups. So I watch the tutorial with Mr. and Mrs. Khalipa and after thinking about how cute they are, I realized that I am not bringing my knees up to my chest. I forwarded the video along to Hubby and we have big plans to bring the laptop to the garage with us when we work out. Let's see how that goes. We already have Little Beast using the PVC pipe to practice his version of overhead squats. Yea, that's how we roll.

Today's Friday and usually my Fridays start with the Hell WOD at CF. Unfortunately, I had to come into the office today so I couldn't go to CrossFit. Hubby and I are planning to work on deadlifts tonight in the garage. Last time I deadlifted 135 lbs for a 5X3 so I'm thinking my max is 155-160 lbs. I have no clue how all that math works. What you can lift 5X3 should be 85% of your 1 rep max so that would make my 1 rep max around 160 lbs. Yes I just busted out the calculator. We'll see how I do tonight.

Last night I worked on back squats and did 5X5 with 75lbs. I'm assuming that my 1 rep max is around 100 lbs there. I'm slowly getting stronger. It's tough because in the beginning, you make gains very quickly but now I feel like I am plateauing. It just gives me more motivation to keep working at it though.

Recently I've run into people who have asked me what I've been doing to lose weight. While I'm only 10 lbs lighter than I was last year at this time, my body has definitely changed. I always smile and say CrossFit. Some people know what I'm talking about and some don't. To those that don't, I translate into I lift heavy...hey, it is heavy. Maybe not as heavy as others but this is heavy for me! I'm proud of how far I've come and happy to inspire others to make changes as well.

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