Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Training: Glutes and Potty

If someone told me that one day I would be sitting on the floor of the bathroom nursing my daughter while urging my son to go potty, I would have looked at them and continued doing drugs. I kid, I kid. It's from that commercial, you know. The one where the guy's in rehab. Okay this totally isn't funny anymore. I'm laughing. Okay so I'm potty training Little Beast and two days ago, he finally got it. He now tells us when he has to pee and then actually pees in the potty! It's a miracle. I'm overjoyed. My little man is all grown up in his Elmo and Thomas the Train undies. So adorable.

Everyone told us to offer rewards when he first starts going potty to encourage him. So one of our rewards was a blue knife. Don't judge. It's a plastic knife that Hubby got him. Totally safe. Anyhow, here's Little Beast after his first successful trip to the potty!

Meanwhile back at mama's (country anyone?), I've been working on my glutes. Back extensions, bulgarian split squats, and squats squats and more squats. Since it will take time for my belly to go down to size, I figured I might as well focus on something else so I can see some gains and boy did I! Here's a pic 30 days ago and one today. I'm going to continue adding glute exercises to my workouts. Check out this article on training your glutes. She's got it right.

Do you see a difference? It's minor but progress is progress and I'll take it!

Little Beast is going to turn 3 next week. I can't believe how fast time flies. We're having his party at Pump it Up and boy is it nice. I don't have to do a thing! Love it. Sadly, a week after his birthday, I will be going back to work, which means I have to leave this beautiful face.

Life's been fantastic lately and I just can't complain. I've been working on eating clean and making sure I work out at least 3 times a week. I've also been spending a TON of time with my kiddos and enjoying every minute of maternity leave! 

Were you able to work out on maternity leave? Was it easier the second time around? How else did you spend your leave, aside from quality time with your beautiful little one?

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