Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Postpartum Struggle

Every site you look at will tell you that Breastfeeding makes you lose up to 500 calories a day. Since I couldn't exclusively breastfeed Little Beast, I attributed the extra weight to not being able to adding formula. Boy was I wrong. Exclusively Breastfeeding makes you hungry and I mean hungry. Like zombies during the Apocalypse hungry. This morning I was a zombie and raisin bread was my victim. Seriously. You could have shot me in the head and I would have kept eating. 

This hunger is serious business. Regardless of whether I make an effort to eat clean or just eat, I am stuck at 135 pounds. So I did some research on Dr. Google. Apparently tons of women lose weight after they wean their babies. Yea I'm serious. Does the La Leche League tell you that? Is it on Kelly Mom? No and no. People want you to believe you'll lose weight but in fact, it makes it harder to do so. It's fine. I'm going to keep working out and eating as clean as I can (minus the raisin bread indulgence this morning) and then when I and Little Diva are ready to move on, I'll finally get rid of the Postpartum 15. 

My working out has been slacking as well. I did work out yesterday but today it seemed more of a chore so I decided to take the day off and kick ass tomorrow. Yesterday I did Overhead Presses, Bulgarian Split Squats, Back Extensions, Abmat situps and KB swings. I'm good one day and bad the other. As long as there are more good days than bad days, I'm alright. It's hard having the motivation some days and with the weather getting colder, I have to be careful not to go into hibernation mode. I love hibernating. Leggings, an oversized sweater, house slippers and a blanket. Ahh a few of my favorite things!

I've been enjoying my maternity leave and I'm sad this is my last month. Little Beast is home from daycare twice a week now so that I can really soak up time with the kids before I go back. It's been really nice. I feel so sad for mamas that don't get more than 2 months home with their kids. I am lucky to get 4 months paid and wish I had more time. This is where I think the US could make more of an effort. But that's not something I can change, just wish we could have a year paid by law - I believe that's what Canada has. Anyways I digress.

The Postpartum struggle is real. It's hard finding the time and motivation to work out and exercise. It's hard leaving your newborn baby to go back to work. It's just plain hard. But seeing that cute little face smile back up at you is the BEST feeling ever. And for that, I'd eat 6 bags of raisin bread. 


  1. did you run and nurse at the same time? I just gave birth to baby #6 4 weeks ago. I didnt start running previously until my 5th child was 2 though =) I want to get back to it but I'm nervous about the jiggling affecting my milk supply (I'm not big, maybe a B right now but its a BIG change from my not-quite-an-A size I was before =) Feel free to email me theperrans AT cox DOT net Thanks!

  2. Hi Anna, I have run a couple times but am mostly focusing on lifting to regain strength. To get the extra support, I double bra - regular and then a sports bra. I didn't notice much of a difference in milk supply personally. I also know several mamas that run more than I do and they have not had a drop in supply either. Just make sure you get the support you need and you're good to go! Baby #6 - I give you TONS of credit!! :)


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