Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Real Challenge

I thought I had enough on my plate in terms of challenges. I have my first 5K in March and the 30 day Bikram challenge in February but yesterday, I learned the true meaning of the word challenge. You see, my son hasn't been sleeping very well lately. He was very congested Sunday night and was up most of the night. On Monday night, he was wide awake from 2-5 am. Tuesday mornings, I get up at 5:30 for a run and there was no way that was happening with 2 hours of sleep!

Apparently when we were up at 3 am, I asked my husband how I was supposed to go running at 5:30. I slept in (if you can really call it that considering I went to bed at 5 am) and woke up at 6:30 for work. I felt guilty all day about not going out on my run so I decided to go on one last night. The real challenge would be learning to run exhausted. I admire mothers with children younger than mine that still maintain their running. It is extremely difficult to get out there and run when you're not getting enough sleep.

Alas, I did get my run in last night and it was my farthest to date. 2.38 miles in 22 minutes. I switched the running app I was using from AllSport to Nike running and it made a difference. Nike counts down seconds to your run so you have time to put your phone in your arm band or pocket. I heard my pace and mileage at every mile which is extremely encouraging! I am definitely going to continue using the app. It also connects directly with Daily Mile so that helps keep track of all your runs.

I came home red-faced, sweaty and smiling! As soon as I came home, my little man crawled toward me with his mem-mem-memma and gave me kisses. There is NOTHING more encouraging than that!

There's a big part I'm leaving out however. On Monday, I was going through running blogs and I found one about a weekend of yoga and running - The SeaWheeze Half Marathon. I clicked the link and to my amazement, the course was absolutely beautiful! Vancouver is known for it's beauty and I have never been there. I went through all the pictures and couldn't help getting excited. I decided right then and there that this race would have to be on my bucket list. Combine that with my son not sleeping Monday night and in my waking moments, all I was thinking about was the Half Marathon. I mentioned this to my husband yesterday and he told me he's completely supportive and that he and my son would be waiting for me at the finish line. So yesterday, I registered. I will be running a Half Marathon a couple days after my 32nd birthday! I am very excited.

This is definitely the year of firsts - my first 5K and my first half marathon. Just signing up gave me motivation. Right now my focus is the 5K and with my run last night, I have no doubt I will make it. Then I'll need to work my butt off to train for the half marathon. I will continue to document my journey - from beginner runner to 5K to half marathon all in a year. It can be done and I will do it!

Totally off the subject, how many of you get red faced after a workout? Whenever I come home from running, my face is bright red. The same thing happens after a yoga class. Am I the only red faced runner out there?

Until my next challenge - yea right I have enough on my plate,

Red-faced after yesterday's run


  1. You are truly inspiring! I wish you so much luck in your future challenges!!

  2. Thank you Leah! That really means alot. I'll let you know how the current challenges go and am looking forward to many more after that. :)

  3. Way to Renita! You'll do great and I have also heard that Vancouver is beautiful. Enjoy the whole thing, including the training.

  4. Thanks Karen! I'm looking forward to it! :)


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