Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Paleo in the Morning, Paleo in the Evening, Paleo at Suppertime

When Paleo's on a bagel, you can eat Paleo anytime! Sorry I had to say it. Anyways, today is the start of my CrossFit box's Paleo Challenge. The challenge is effective from August 14 to October 9, roughly 8 weeks of eating paleo, counting points if I cheat, and working out. Challenge accepted.

So as part 1 of the challenge, today's WOD was a benchmarking WOD that I will repeat in 8 weeks. Here's how I did today:

Benchmark 1: Front squats - 90 lbs (prior to today, 70 was my max)
Benchmark 2: Ring Rows - 13
Benchmark 3:
               15 AMRAP (as many reps as possible)
               400 m run
               15 kettlebell swings (26 lb)
               15 box jumps

I did 3 complete rounds and nearly finished the fourth, I was at box jump #6. Let's see how those stats compare to what I do in 8 weeks. I am definitely looking forward to being stronger and leaner.

My fear of box jumps returned today and I actually had my first box jump accident. It was my second box jump of the first set. I had no choice but to overcome my fear and keep on moving and that's exactly what I did. My shins are all messed up anyways from rubbing the bar against them so what's another dent?

Box Jump Fail
With all the bruises I have (you should see my caloused hands), people must think Hubby beats me. I seriously need to wear this sign around my neck!

Because is spelled wrong the second time :)

I will keep blogging about the Paleo challenge and how I'm doing. At the end of the challenge, which is a couple days after my 1st half marathon, I will post before and after pictures so stay tuned and wish me luck!

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