Monday, August 19, 2013

The Trouble with Paleo

I'm on Day 6 of the 8 week Paleo Challenge and doing relatively well. I start off with 10 points a day and then subtract points depending on what non-Paleo foods I eat and how much alcohol I drink. Weekdays are much easier than weekends and I have learned that sticking to Paleo, while tough, is much easier than not drinking wine. I refuse to not drink wine for 8 weeks when I'm not pregnant. You may think that's an excuse or a cop out and it may as well be but I just won't do it. Hubby and I frequent wineries often on the weekends as a reward to how much we push ourselves during the week. That's one reward I won't live without - unless of course I'm preg with Baby #2 - which I'm not.

Saturday Hubby, Little Beast and I went on a hike at Jenny Jump. The trail was a little overgrown so it wasn't too long of a hike but it was absolutely beautiful.

My Men
Hiking Mama

Before the hike, we went to a pizzeria for lunch. Little Beast had pizza, Hubby had some cheesesteak pizza that looked absolutely wonderful and I had a cheesesteak - without the cheese and without the bread. Yes, I was that person. I basically had steak with mushrooms, peppers and onions. And you know what? It was pretty damn good. I think I found my paleo pizzeria meal.

Paleo at a Pizzeria
Pretty content with myself for staying paleo during the weekend, I enjoyed the hike as well. After the hike, we weren't ready to go home just yet and I was dreaming about this Chocolate Cabernet I had a winery on my birthday. Yes you heard correctly - Chocolate Cab! So we drove about 45 minutes to go to 2 wineries - Vynecrest (their Blush and Summertime Red are great in the summer!) and Clover Hill (amazing Riesling and Chocolate Cab). At Vynecrest, Hubby ordered a cheese, grape and cracker plate. I tried to resist the cheese but ended up having a tiny bit. Lost 2 points there. I also had a total of 3 glasses of wine at 2 wineries (not too bad considering) and I lost 4 points a glass or 12 points for that. I ended up being negative on Saturday. The Trouble with Paleo is that I can't drink wine. There's a grey area when it comes to red wine but my box rules say no alcohol so I will most likely be negative every Saturday. I accept that.

Aside from my love of wine and the fact that I will continue to drink it during the challenge, I am not having as much trouble with eating Paleo. Hubby ate a hot dog in front of me (if you knew me, you'd know of my love of hot dogs) and I had no desire to eat it.

I have been experimenting with cooking paleo and have a couple recipes of my own. I'm debating adding a recipes section to this blog but since I'm not very good with taking pictures of food, I may hold off of that - not trying to gross any of you out!

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