Monday, September 9, 2013

Breaking Baby

As you all are well aware, Little Beast hasn't been such a good sleeper recently. On Saturday night, we decided to try the cry it out method, hence Breaking Baby. He cried on and off for about 40 minutes and then fell asleep. While he was crying, we checked on him every 5 minutes. It was tough. I asked Hubby if the neighbors would hear him cry and call "The ASPCA for bad parents on us." Yes I said that. I'm a nutcase. Anyways, Breaking Baby was a success. However, he did wake up at night. I went into his bedroom, laid him back down, gave him his Bobby (that's what he calls his Paci - don't ask) and he fell right back asleep. Last night Hubby bored him to sleep with a book he's reading so that was pretty easy. We'll see what's in store for tonight.

The weather this past weekend was beautiful. Saturday, we took Little Beast apple (aka appum) picking and he got on his first ever hay ride!

Today's Monday which means Hubby and I have a DVR'd episode of Breaking Bad to watch. No spoilers please! Monday night is our wine and watching Breaking Bad night. I'm excited biiiitch.

We picked so many apples that I had to bake an apple pie yesterday. Hubby forbade me from baking anything Paleo so I had to subtract a lot of points! I am still on the Paleo challenge and all things pumpkin have been messing me up,well this past weekend, it was all things apple. The farm we went to had apple cider donuts. Boy were they good! I had 3. Oops, I'm human afterall. Don't judge. Anyways here's the delicious apple pie I baked.

Yea so I went slit crazy. Next time it will be prettier! It was damn good though. I love me some apple pie with vanilla ice cream!

I'll stop being a fat ass now. I officially registered for the Jersey Shore Half Marathon today. I know I have been saying it for a while and I have even been training for it but I formally committed today. Last Friday's run was 8 miles and I am planning on 9.5 this Friday. I can and will do it. I am committed.

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