Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Operation Don't Compare

Lately Little Beast has decided he's anti-sleep. Night night lasts an hour and a half to two hours and it's full of crying and frustration. It's been tough but we're working through it. That said, I am sleep deprived yet again and when you're tired, having energy to work out is tough. Yesterday I went back to CrossFit after a week off. Little Beast was sick last week and I spent some quality time with him (Love my little man). Anyways, I was exhausted yesterday since the night before I barely slept. I was debating going and remembered my previous post on The Real Challenge learning to exercise exhausted. So I signed up and went. The WOD was:


Back Squat 5X3

3 rounds:
    15 Thrusters 
    15 Pull ups


100 Abmat Sit ups

Yes it sucked. Lately back squats have been really tough for me. I maxed out at 85 lbs yesterday (increased by 10 from the last time I went) so I did pretty well. My partner who is more or less at the same level as me, did the same and had an easier time with the squats. She actually mentioned how much more all the other girls were squatting. Before she said anything, I really wasn't paying attention. But after she did, I couldn't help but look around. The girls next to us were squatting about 140-150 lbs. The ones to the right of them probably around 170-180. I couldn't help but get discouraged. I know. I should practice what I preach. I always say comparing yourself to others will get you no where yet that's what I was doing. I couldn't even take pride in my workout because I was too busy wondering how they were so much stronger than me! For thrusters, I did 45 lbs and then scaled down to 35 for the last set. I used 1 band for pull ups the first time, and then used 2 for the other rounds. All in all, I did really well for Renita. Why Renita compared herself to the other girls is totally beyond me. 

I'm really going to make a conscious effort to compare myself to myself ONLY. I'm stronger than I was yesterday and very happy about it. My body has changed pretty drastically in the past 4 months and I am happy about that too.

So this morning what did I do? I told Hubby how all the girls at CrossFit are so tanned and how I'm pasty (for an Indian). He just looked at me and told me to STOP COMPARING! Seriously what's up with me? I'm all down on myself. That changes now. I have come really far. I am a lot stronger now than I have ever been. From now on, no hating. No hating on myself and no hating on other people (I don't do that too much anyways). Operation Don't Compare will take effect today.

What about you? Do you compare yourself to others? Do you usually say you're better or worse then they are?

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