Sunday, September 1, 2013

Lowkey Labor Day Weekend

You can telll it's a really lowkey weekend if I'm blogging. Usually we have a million things planned and actually end up saying no to some things because we can't manage everything. This weekend, I am proud to say that Hubby is taking his Level 1 CrossFit Instructor Certification. Since he's not around all weekend, I am getting tons of quality time with Little Beast. He's still nursing a cough and getting better so we're keeping it lowkey this weekend, which means I am getting a ton done around the house. Five years ago, I would have called myself lame. Today, I call myself productive.

Anyways, the pantry is organized - Thank God. That place was a disaster. As the Chubbies get older, they get more ear infections, eye infections, etc so I have a bunch of their meds in the pantry. Little Beast, as you know, has a ton of meds himself - well mostly cough medicines, tylenol, advil and his nebulizer. Is it normal to keep medicine in the pantry? No idea, that's where I put it. I went to Target yesterday (again - productive not lame) and I found two baskets in the $1 section. I now have those in the pantry which the dogs meds in one and Little Beast's meds in the other. Who cares if they are bright orange? They were $1!

Orange Organization

So the pantry is organized and I can cross that off my list, or Hubby's list since he made a list of things for me to do and taped it to the pantry door. I'm not kidding. He did. But in his defense, he bought me a box - the Rogue box - and I was to do things around the house as a result. That was months ago, and little by little I am crossing things off his list.

Pantry, check. I went outlet shopping with Mom on Friday and bought a ton of things for Little Beast. Let me tell you how depressing it is to buy 18-24 months, when you see you all these cute little things that are 3 months or 6 months. Mom didn't help because she kept bringing me over things she thought were cute...they were all 9 months. And have you ever noticed how 3/4 of all kid's clothing stores have girl's stuff in it? I get it. Girls are adorable with their skirts and accessories and tights and all. But what about boys? I went to Carter's, Children's Place and Gap to get his fall/winter wardrobe. Check.

I also got myself a new handbag from Michael Kor's! Woohoo! I have been eyeing the crossbody bag. Is that what it's called? That sounds a little morbid. Anyways, I got that for myself and some reebok crossfit shorts and my first ever pair of Cole Haan shoes. I am excited to see what this Nike Air technology is all about.

For all my guy followers, I apologize. You must be rolling your eyes at this entire post. So now, let's talk about

Yesterday I made Paleo Pumpkin Cookies (can't find the recipe right now but it's pumpkin puree, pumpkin pie spice, almond flour, raw honey, baking soda and cinnamon). They were absolutely delicious!

Today's lowkey day involved going to Wegmans and Chipotle with Little Beast and then more lame/productive stuff around the house. I did however make slowcooked pork for dinner with sweet potato mashy (mashed potatoes, we say mashy in my house). 

I also planned my 8 mile route for tomorrow. Since Hubby is home, I will be able to go out for a run! Thankfully so, only a month until my half marathon! In a couple days, we will be starting Week 4 of the Paleo Challenge. It's getting easier. I have also lost 6 pounds. I wasn't big to begin with so I'm going to make it a point to eat more during the day because I really don't want to lose too much weight. Don't get me wrong - I am very happy with the 6 pound weight loss!

Hope you all are having a wonderful Labor day weekend, whether it's lowkey like mine or completely jam packed! 

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