Wednesday, October 9, 2013

6 Months Later

As of this morning, the Paleo Challenge is officially over. I just rewarded myself with four cookies. Oops. Anyways, this month also marks 6 months of consistently working out so guess what, I have updated pictures. First things first, let's talk Benchmarking WOD on day 1 of the Paleo Challenge and how I did earlier today.

Front squat 7X1
    Pre Challenge: 90 lbs
    Post Challenge: 95 lbs

Ring Rows - Consecutive
    Pre Challenge: 13
    Post Challenge: 20

15 min AMRAP - 400 m run, 15 KB swings, 15 box jumps
    Pre Challenge: 3 rounds, 400m run, 15 kb, 6 box jumps
    Post Challenge: 4 rounds

Front squats kicked my ass today. My form was off and I had trouble focusing. I just didn't have the I'm going to kick ass mentality. Hard to describe. Anyways I barely did 95 lbs and Coach even said it was the worst front squat he's ever seen. Ahkk! So yea ring rows, I did pretty well. I think I could have done a couple more but I stopped at 20. And then the 15 min AMRAP, I started that with the kick ass mentality. I knew what I did last time around and wanted to finish 4 complete rounds this time..and I did! Woohoo! So yea, while I did better all around, I definitely think I have more in me. I'm excited for the next challenge and the next time we do this particular WOD. 

Picture update. Keep in mind that this is roughly 6 months of working out, I took the two previous pictures towards the end of the month and took this one early in the month. I also didn't fully commit to the Paleo challenge. I was really good for a month and slacked a bit these past couple of weeks. That being said, you can still see a difference. See for yourself.

So can you see a difference? Since July, I have lost about 6 pounds. I also run faster now. I avoid adding sugar to anything but yes, I eat a cookie here and there. I'm human and I like it. 

This challenge has made me realize that I want to focus more on strength building now. I want a 100+ front squat and to build my core. I want to learn how to kip and stop using bands to do pull ups. I want to do a hand stand push up. 

Here's to new goals and making gains. I've come a long way and I'm definitely not done yet. :)


  1. Wow ren!!! U look great! Keep up the great work!!! U def motivate me!!


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