Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The End is Near

Unfortunately, I'm not referring to the Government Shutdown, I'm referring to the Paleo Challenge! Woohoo, it's almost over!

Today's the last day of eating Paleo and then tomorrow is the benchmarking WOD to see how I have improved since the challenge started. I was pretty strict with eating paleo for the first month of the challenge and have slacked the past couple weeks. I've still lost 6 pounds and discovered a few things. My general stance on eating 100% Paleo after the challenge is that it's a bit stressful and expensive. Hear me out. The stressful part is figuring out a meal that Hubby and Little Beast will eat and then modifying it to be 100% Paleo for me. That's tough. Don't get me wrong, it's doable but it's a lot of my time and energy focused on eating and I'd rather just eat things in moderation and focus on generally eating meats, fruits and veggies. Also the whole grass fed thing, while I love it, it does increase our grocery budget by round $50 a week and some weeks, that's not feasible. I will make an effort to buy grass fed first but I figure grain fed meat is better than pasta! Post challenge, I'm going for 80/20 since it's extremely feasible and allows me to enjoy cheat meals here and there. I will continue to avoid bread and grains since they make me feel icky and I'm sticking with almond milk. Yum!

For Life Biiiitttchhh!

Let's talk about things non paleo, CrossFit and running. Seriously who am I? Anyways, my cuzzo's wedding is in December in Jamaica and no it's not a destination wedding. The lucky bastard lives there. So Hubby, Little Beast and the rest of the nutty clan are all set to go. Except it's an Indian wedding (woohoo!) and figuring out outfits is like a one night stand - both require tons of time and analysis for just one night. This past weekend I went to the Indian Designer mall down the street and I saw the most beautiful outfit I have ever seen - slight exaggeration but it was actually very nice! I'm all about Indian fusion and it was an actual dress with indian touches. Love. Like a lot. I fell in love. It's unhealthy. I have been dreaming about the dress. Hubby's jelly. Buy it? Yea right, it's $1200 which is like $1000 over my budget. So now I'm trying to get a knock off made. #IndianGirlProblems. I hate hash tags yet I use them. Sad. Okay I'm done here. Let's move on.

Guess what? They finally decided to purchase almond milk for the work fridge! When I saw it yesterday, I was ecstatic. I actually ran to the receptionist and gave her a high five!

I can't draw

While I'm excited today is the last official day of the paleo challenge, one huge benefit is that I stopped adding sugar to everything. My morning coffee used to contain around 203 teaspoons of sugar. If I made pasta sauce, I'd add sugar. Now I drink my coffee black or with almond milk. I try to use raw honey instead of sugar or in the case of pasta sauce, I add carrots to give it some sweetness. Yum-o! Err forgot for a second that I'm not Rachel Ray. Thank God.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow's benchmarking WOD to see how I improved and will keep you all posted. I'm also due for some more "during" pics so I'll take a couple and post those as well. Stay Classy.

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  1. Does that Almond breeze taste good? And exactly can we get one?


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