Friday, October 11, 2013


Since Hubby's still on furlough (don't get me stahted - yes I said stahted. Love Boston accents. When I lived in Bean Town, a friend of mine once said Renita get in the cah. The what? The cah. What? Come on get in the cah so we can get to the pahty. That really happened. After he picked me up off the floor, I was dying laughing, we made it to the party. Long story short - not really sorry - I love Boston and I love Boston accents.

Let's start over. Since Hubby's on furlough, I convinced him to go to CrossFit for the Friday Hell WOD. Today's WOD was:

100 ft walking lunge (45/25lb overhead)
30 Box Jumps (24/20)
20 Wall balls (20/14)

I did the workout as prescribed except for hand stand push ups in 34:10. I can't get them yet so I do them off the box. One day. I just love Fridays. The feeling you get after you complete an insanely tough workout is amazing. There's just something about pushing your body to its limits and not giving up. After class, I worked on kipping pull ups. Yes I did more. I figured out the swinging part but haven't managed to pull myself up yet. It will happen. That's my next goal. One thing at a time.

Socks. You know those adorable socks all the extremely fit CF chicks wear. Love. When I'm not dreaming about Indian designer dresses, I'm dreaming about socks. I seriously need to start getting more creative with my dreams. Anyways, a friend of mine told me about SoxBox. Dude Love. No not dude love but dude, I love. I just bought 3.

I realized I've never posted a pic of me doing anything workout-esque, so you may be wondering if in fact I do what I say I do. Here's some proof (these pics weren't from today's WOD btw).

Me doing a Box Jump

Me scared doing a Box Jump

Exhausted Me!

I'm not the greatest but I try my hardest and that's what matters, right? Right.

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