Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tax Free Running

In case you haven't heard, running is tax free. Why does that matter? Well, hubby and I didn't do so well with our taxes this year. Of course we paid them (this isn't a post about tax evasion) but we didn't get anything back. In fact, we owe Uncle Sam. We are both full time employees, have a son in daycare and have a mortgage. So what went wrong? For one thing my office temporarily relocated to NY. Since I reside in NJ, I have to pay both taxes. That's shitty number one. Shitty number two, and this is no fault but my own, I declared 1 instead of 0 on my tax form. So shitty one plus shitty two equals shitty three - no refund.

It wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't been expecting a lot back. We made plans for the money and were hoping to actually get ahead and save! Unfortunately shit happens, or shitties in this case, and we are where we are.

Financially stressed and questioning my thoughts on life (how is it that we work hard to get paid more and then owe more in taxes. What's enough?), I woke up with a headache yesterday. Both my husband and I hate our jobs. We spend our days complaining and count the hours until we go home just so we can support our relatively modest lifestyle. Is that what life is about? Does anyone truly love their job and make enough? I  digress. Stress and the fact that my handsome little beast didn't sleep contributed to me snoozing yesterday instead of going for my morning run. That extra half hour of sleep did nothing. In fact, I felt even worse for missing my run!

I made up for it last night though. I got my run in and had some clarity. You can have enough no matter how much you make if you live within your means. Living simply is key. I say it as though I embrace it but I have to admit I'm still learning. When I house hunt, I look at big expensive houses knowing we would basically be working to pay our mortgage. That's not living. I'm trying my best to focus on simplicity and running helps me do that. I don't have to pay to run and it makes me feel great! Running is one tax free benefit I know I will be enjoying a long time.

Even Uncle Sam runs! :)


  1. Running is a great (and inexpensive) way to have fun & take care of yourself. You have to love the taxes in the Northeast. I know how it feels!

  2. Karen, taxes in the Northeast definitely suck! My husband and I question why we even live here. But yes, running helps. It's free, fun and good for you - what more could you want?


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