Sunday, March 31, 2013

Running High

Today, I truly learned what the runner's high is all about. My training plan for this week had my short runs scheduled for Wednesday and Friday and my long run scheduled for today. So far 4 miles has been the farthest I've run - 4.08 to be exact. I ran that last Wednesday. Friday, I wasn't feeling that well and only ran 2.93 miles. This morning before my run, I contemplated taking the 4 mile route I usually do or the 5 mile route I had planned for today. I told myself I would see how I felt as I approached the end of my street. Since I took the time to plan the route and planned on running it today, I decided on the 5 mile route! Was I tired? Yes. Did I stop? Not until I got to 5 miles. The route ended up being a little shorter than 5 but I kept running until I heard my Nike app (I love that thing) say 5 miles. 5.03 miles in 49 minutes. I was on fire. How did I get through it? For one, I kept thinking of the image below.

I kept saying to myself, I'll stop at 5, I'm going to make it to 5 and I did! In fact, at around mile 3 and a half, I sprinted. I couldn't believe it - my body really didn't feel like mine. I felt like I was someone else running. It felt AMAZING! Not only did it feel good, but it gave me the push for me to get to the end. When I finally finished, the first thing I said, was EAT IT! I made 5! I walked proudly back to my house after that. As I opened the door, I told Hubby how far I went and he said he was proud of me. Sure I looked like a train wreck but I did what I set out to do...I accomplished my goal for today.

The rest of the day has been great. I feel like I'm on top of the world. I get it, I finally understand the runner's high. Sure I had happy moments after my previous runs but there was nothing like the way I felt today. It was a combination of pride and accomplishment. 

In addition to today being my farthest run yet, this week has been my most miles yet - 12 miles! :)

Until my next high,


  1. You are awesome! Love you.

  2. Every time you run just a little further you feel awesome! I find the runner's high to be at the end of runs when I've accomplished the miles. I can feel amazing for the rest of the day (or days).


  3. Karen, I completely agree. I still feel good about my last run and am looking forward to beating it!

  4. Awesome job!! I love runs like that. I had an AWFUL run last weekend (and yesterdays run wasn't much better) so I'm hoping tomorrow's 9 miler will be better!! Keep it up!!

  5. Thanks Anna! I'm sure your run tomorrow will be awesome! After a couple bad runs, you're sure to have a good one!


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