Thursday, June 6, 2013

Cleaning Cheerios

Little Beast loves Cheerios. He's constantly eating them, throwing them on the floor and feeding them to the dogs. We got him The First Years Snack Bowl which is a cup with a membrane so that he has to reach his little fingers in to grab his snacks. He loves the cup so much Hubby calls it his Little Jon cup - don't ask. Anyways, what's the point of all this? The point is that I don't like cleaning, unless of course it's a squat clean!

Love this shirt!
Hell Yea!

While I'm still working on technique, squat cleans are great. The last CrossFit class I went to, I did 5 rounds of 20 squat cleans and boy was I sore! The low squats are what gets you. It's tough to get the technique down - I worked on it more with Trainer last night and hope to get it soon. Today's CrossFit WOD is - 

Push Press 5x5

for time 
1k row
30 burpee box jumps
1k row

30 burpees followed by box jumps, I just couldn't resist! I told Hubby I want to do the WOD too. So tonight after his class, we'll hand off Little Beast so that I can go to the next class. Am I excited? Hell yea, it's a lifestyle...biiitccch. Am I nervous? A little. Am I motivated? Yes, I search crossfit women on Pinterest at random points throughout the day to get me motivated. It works!

Now on to Cheerios. They are yummy and according to the commercials, good for your heart but what I don't get is all the negativity around the new commercial. 

So what, there's a white mom, a black dad and a biracial daughter. The first thing I said when I saw that commercial was that the daughter was really cute. I didn't comment on the fact that she's biracial. I didn't even think about it. What difference does it make? I guess it really upsets me that in 2013, people are still causing a fuss over biracial kids. I'm Indian, Hubby's Italian and guess what, that makes our little man, 100% biracial. But also 100% American. Look around you. You'll see interracial couples everywhere. And what do interracial couples make? Biracial babies. What's wrong with that? We live in America. The beauty of our nation is the fact that we are so racially diverse. If anything, this commercial is American and that's perfectly fine with me. I know this isn't fitness related at all but it is close to my heart and I just had to say something. Cheerios, you're awesome in my book. 

50% Indian, 50% Italian
100% American

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