Wednesday, June 5, 2013


In the corporate world, there's goal setting, mid year reviews and year end reviews. So I thought yesterday that I should do a mid year review on my fitness goals. I never officially wrote out fitness goals for the year (I guess partly because once you acknowledge and announce your goals, you're commited to them) so I am going to do that now.

Goal 1: Run a 5K
I ran my first 5K this past March and ran another one in May. I am also signed up for Rugged Maniac (my first obstacle race) in mid July and another 5K in late July.

Goal 2: Forget about getting skinny and Get Strong!
At the start of the year, I didn't realize that this was a goal of mine. But somewhere along my journey, I realized that I don't particularly care about being skinny. When I first signed up for training sessions at the gym, the gym manager asked me how much weight I wanted to lose. I surprised myself by telling her that I didn't care if I lost any weight, instead I wanted to build muscle. Since I switched my focus, I'm much happier with my progress. I don't get discouraged weighing myself because I see changes in my belly and in my arms and those changes aren't visible on a scale. I don't think I have accomplished this goal yet as I'm not as strong as I want to be but I'm definitely getting there.

Goal 3: Run a Half-Marathon
Strangely, I set this goal before I even ran my first 5K. After I ran my first 5K, I was even more committed to running a Half-Marathon. I signed up for one in Vancouver. Expenses came up and we decided not to go to Vancouver. So instead I plan on running my first half at the Jersey shore. I haven't signed up yet (not sure why) but I am going to sign up this week. I have been slacking with my running because I have been focusing on strength training instead so I need to get back to my long run Sundays.

Goal 4: Meet other Moms into Fitness
I actually googled running moms and found Moms RUN This Town. I looked for a local group and when I didn't find one, I requested to be a chapter leader. So far, we have 8 members in my group and I am working on getting us together for our first 5K in July.

Goal 5: Promote my Blog
While blogging isn't really a fitness goal, it is definitely related. My blog holds me accountable. If I write that I am going to run a 5K and make it public, I am going to do it. It has also linked me to several people that I find inspiring and has allowed me to motivate others. Yesterday I was featured on Real Into, a blog about health and fitness. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be featured on someone's else blog but it happened. And as a result, I have a couple more followers - another added benefit. I am also currently working on having some guest posts on topics I find interesting.

The truth is that as 2013 progresses, I am probably going to set more goals. My fitness goals are evolving as I evolve. I mentioned yesterday that I am reading Run Like a Girl: How Strong Women Make Happy Lives. This morning, I read that "Goals are an extension of our visualization. They are the specific outcomes we visualize for ourselves". Isn't that the truth? If we visualize never crossing a finish line or not being able to complete a hot yoga class, we won't be able to do it. If you see yourself crossing the finish line, you'll do it. The secret to accomplishing goals is visualizing and committing to them.

So what about you? What fitness goals have you set for 2013 and how much progress have you made toward them?


  1. Renita, you have been one of my favorite interviews! I loved how you got involved with the comments and your husband even came by and commented. You two are great! Fun! Fun!

    This post is a great idea since it is midyear. I also hope to run a half before this year is over.

    Thanks for the tip on Moms Run This Town. I'm checking them out.

  2. So true... all of it! Congrats on working hard to reach your goals. You're going to achieve them all!

  3. Carli, thank you so much. I really enjoyed interviewing. And yes Hubby is very supportive, that's why I can do so much! Moms RUN This Town is a great group, you should definitely check them out.

    Karen, thank you! I am determined to achieve them all. :)


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