Thursday, June 20, 2013

I Lift, You Lift, We Lift

Strength training has changed my view on exercise and women who exercise. Let me explain. As I started running more miles, I found myself looking into the mirror more wondering when I would see my body change. Everyone says running changes your body so I was eagerly awaiting the change. Months later, while I built my confidence and endurance, I still didn't see any change in my body. In fact, I had gained weight because I was taking in more calories due to running. Am I saying running made me fat? Hell no. But running did not give me the definition I wanted. A couple months ago, Hubby raved about the trainer he had at the gym. So I decided maybe I needed a little help with strength training. Maybe that was the answer to finally getting the definition I want. Ding Ding Ding. I met with Trainer and well you know the rest. Today, I see definition in my arms, my stomach is not as flabby as it used to be and what's that in my legs? Muscle! Thank you squats.


Strength training has not only giving me definition but it's also made me a better runner. My mile time has improved after lifting. I feel stronger and I have more of a desire to eat better. That said, would I have gotten here without running? No. I'm forever grateful to running because if I never ran, I'd never have the confidence to lift. And if I never lifted, I'd never have the push to eat clean to see results. I'd probably still be sitting on the couch eating bon bons and watching reruns of Teen Mom. Ha! Yea right, I have never even eaten a bon bon. Teen Mom, well you guys know I love that show. I also think it's funny that so many people say that women should do more reps of a lighter weight in order to prevent getting bulky. I heard this so much I thought it was true. Then I saw CrossFit chicks. They are perfect examples of women who lift heavy and aren't bulky. In the gym the other day, I saw a women curling a 2 pound weight really fast. I wanted to say something. I wanted to tell her that's not going to do anything for her. I wanted to yell Woman, lift heavy! I was there before, I was lost with weights myself. But I have now learned that lifting heavy will not make you bulky or manly. Steroids, on the other hand, will.

So back to lifts. Here are my PRs:

Dead Lift - 75 lbs
Squats - 105
Bench Press - 45 lbs (I've done this once)

Hubby just forwarded me a link to a chart on Big Lifts relative to Body Weight. Scroll down to Females of course. I'm going to consider myself in Class IV - Beginner - and weight class - 123. Here are the stats from the site -

Dead Lift - 164 lbs 
Squats - 130 lbs
Bench Press - 86 lbs 

I need to work on my dead lift and bench press. I am actually pretty confident getting to 130 lbs for squats won't be a problem for me. I think it's really helpful to see where you relate to a standard in the right perspective. So I could look at this chart and think I suck and be disappointed. Or I could use it as  something to work towards. I'm going to choose the latter. Soon enough, you will see all 3 of my numbers go up!

Wondering where did I got the push to lift (no pun intended)? It was Hubby. He's been saying it from day one. I finally listened and I'm thankful I did. In fact, we're not the only ones who lift in our family.

The family that lifts together stays together! 

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  1. Amen! I teach at a studio so we don't really have weights there. For my class everyone has to bring their own weights. They bring little 2 pound weights and some just use water bottles. It drives me crazy. So I do crazy high reps since they refuse to pick up any more weight. And I do it with 8 lb weights just to prove my point. Not that it sinks in but I guess I can keep trying. And it's not like 8 lbs is even that heavy. I should show up one day with my 20 lb db's. LOL!


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