Monday, July 1, 2013

And I'm back!

I was away on vacation last week and on account of wanting to suck up as much of Little Beast's air as possible, I didn't get on the computer much and didn't post. But I did work out. For the first time ever, I worked out on vacation. Woohoo! Hubby and I took our kettle bells down the shore with us (nerds maybe but it's part of our lifestyle) and did the following workout, created by yours truly -

60 second mountain climbers
5 burpees

Renita's WOD:
3 sets of - 
20 goblet squats (I used a 20 lb kettlebell)
20 pushups
10 single -arm overhead KB press
60 second plank

Not too shabby. We were pouring sweat when we were done and then jumped right in the pool. Ew, no way. A rinsey (yes this is actually the way we say rinse in my house) followed by a lot of relaxation and pool time. We got back from the shore on Wednesday and then I spent the rest of the week with Little Beast.

Little Beast and Me down the shore

My world

My Firecracker

On Thursday, I took Little Beast out in the jogging stroller for our first ever jogging stroller 5K! It was a virtual 5K for Parkison's and with the temperature at a steamy 90 degrees and it being a while since I ran 3 miles, it was tough! I ended up finishing in 32:13. I felt dizzy and overall pukey afterwards but hey I finished!

Saturday Hubby and I went to CrossFit. We did some strength and skill work on power cleans. The 35 lb bar was heavy for me so I didn't add additional weight. Then we partnered up (yes Hubby and I were partners) and we did AMRAP (as many reps as possible) in 8 minute of 20 box jumps, 20 wall balls and 20 pushups. Dude, wall balls are tough. I told Hubby that if he sees me stalling on a box jump to just yell JUMP JUMP (the Mac Dad will make you Jump Jump and he did!) I jumped. It was a good box jump day. We completed 4 sets and ended up doing the most! Yea! After that we had AMRAP in 2 minutes of 30 kettle bell swings (we each did 5 and alternated) and 30 butterfly sit ups. We only managed 3 sets of the second workout but we were absolutely beat after. CrossFit seriously kicks your ass.

After CrossFit, we went to a Wine and Wings festival. These are a few of my favorite la la.

It's nice to be back. Well back to blog land of course, not back to work!

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