Thursday, July 25, 2013

3 Months Later

Yesterday was a sad day - my last session with Trainer. In the 3 months I've been working with her, I've grown to look forward to our workouts and we've become friends. I'm going to miss her. But in commemoration of completing my first phase (building a foundation), I have decided to post some before and "during" pictures. I don't know when my after pictures will be posted since I don't think I'll ever be done with this journey.

Anywho, forewarned is forearmed - these pictures are not pretty. I never in my life thought I would share them with friends, let alone publicly. However, I want to document my journey to show people that with dedication, anything can be accomplished. A previously unathletic person can be an athlete.

I do have a little bit of a lean, I always favor one side so you can see one hip elevated over the other - that's just me, nothing to do with exercise. Keep in mind that these pictures are after 3 month of consistently working out (about 3 days a week) and with 1 month of focusing on eating clean (roughly 70% paleo).  I am also the same weight in both pictures - 125 lbs. Looking at these pictures, here's some things I notice:

1. My belly is flatter
2. My back is more toned
3. My arms are more toned
4. My butt is rounder

What does this all mean? Nothing. I'm more concerned with the things you can't see:

5. Increased confidence in my abilities
6. Increased energy
7. I'm happier

Combine what you can see and what you can't and I'm winning. I'm happier, I feel better and I'm more confident. My next "during" picture will be after 3 months of CrossFit and with the continued focus of eating clean. I'm excited to see the results!


  1. Great results! And it shows you don't have to workout 7 days a week for hours on end. Can't wait to see how the Cross fit goes.

  2. I'm so proud of you for your consistent effort in fitness as well as balancing motherhood, marriage, and our household. You are Superwoman!


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