Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Discourage Me Not

Things have been extremely low key at our house lately. Little Beast was sick last weekend and is still recovering with a horrible cough. Hubby got sick and has pretty much recovered. And though I didn't get a fever, I did get the cough Little Beast has. Since we have asthma, our coughs are horrible and I have been using my inhaler almost every day. That said, I haven't been able to work out since last Wednesday, well I did do a quick WOD at home yesterday. Hubby and I couldn't go to Rugged Maniac Saturday. I feel bad that we didn't go but there was no way either of us was in good enough shape to attend. And though I'm disappointed, I'm okay with my decision. You need to know when you're capable of doing something and when you're not.

With all those days of not working out and not eating clean (3 days), I felt awful and started getting discouraged. It's amazing how not working out for 5 days completely turned around my thinking. I started looking at my body and wondering why I didn't see more change. I wondered whether I would ever see change and how long it would take before I could have a flat stomach. Yesterday I had enough of my discouraging behavior and did a quick workout at home - 3 sets of 20 KB swings (20lb), 20 push ups, 20 goblet squats (20lb) and 20 butterfly sit ups. I felt good after my workout and am happy to say am back to my usual positive thinking. I'm working out to feel good without analyzing the results. If I get a hot body on the way to being healthy and fit, so be it. If it doesn't happen, I'm healthy and fit and that's what matters most. Sometimes you have to make a conscious decision to change your thinking.

So maybe my breakthrough is just around the corner. It makes sense. After eating crap for a couple days, I wrote a note to myself detailing how bad I felt so that I remember the next time I decide to eat 5 slices of Dominos. Don't judge me. Everyone has slip ups. Next week is my last session with Trainer so I'm joining CrossFit with Hubby this week. I hope to go at the end of the week and then go at least twice every week. With CrossFit and eating clean, I am sure my breakthrough is on it's way. And if it isn't, I'm going to continue doing what I do because it makes me feel good!

I'm making a decision not to give up. I'm going to work my ass off to attain my health and fitness goals. At times I may fall off the wagon but getting back on it is what counts.

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