Monday, July 8, 2013

She's not Fat, She's Healthy

I am Indian American or first generation American to Indian immigrants. I hate calling my parents immigrants since they have lived in America for 40 years now. Anywho, Indian parents who call you Healthy are really calling you Fat. Yes you read that correctly. You have no idea how many times I have heard someone say, "She's not fat, she's just healthy" and then they stretch their arms out and puff up their face to show just how healthy the person is! It's true. But that's exactly the opposite of what this post is about.

Americans have become scale obsessed. We all have scales in our bathrooms and weigh ourselves daily or weekly. Why? Does losing a pound or two really matter? On days our weight is less, we're happy and on days we're we weigh more, we question why or think we ate too much the previous day. In other countries, it's uncommon to have scales in the bathroom and they seem less concerned with an "ideal weight" as well. I'm 125 pounds and I used to walk around saying that my ideal weight was 120. However I am a lot stronger now at 125 than I ever was at 120 and my body isn't too much different. That whole logic that at 5 feet, you should weigh 100 pounds and add 5 pounds for every inch above that, is bullshit. Muscle weighs more than fat.

I mentioned before I'm reading The Paleo Coach. If you haven't read this book and want to eat cleaner, you really should consider reading it. I'm not saying go 100% paleo but the author makes several really good points throughout the book. One of them is "...the number of the scale will go down if you have a lot of weight to lose. The problem is the scale will not tell you if it is no longer serving your goal, and in reality it is never entirely accurate. Nobody loses all her fat before she begins gaining muscle." If you're trying to lose a lot of weight, the scale will be a good indicator but what comes next? You'll eventually plateau or maybe put on a few pounds of muscle and get discouraged because your goal is your weight. I have to admit I weigh myself often but I don't get upset about how much I weigh. I look in the mirror and if I like what I see, some muscle in my arms and definition in my legs, then I'm doing okay. If the scale shows I'm a couple pounds more, so be it. I'm stronger and happier. There's a picture in the book that brings it home. Both pictures depict a woman that is 155 pounds - the same woman. In one she's carrying a lot of extra weight in her stomach and hips and the other, she's fitter, has a flat stomach and much more muscle. Guess what? She still weighs 155 pounds. So saying you have an ideal weight is crap. Forget the scale, workout like a beast and eat clean. You'll never need to weigh yourself again! I'm happy I don't let the scale get me down anymore. The next step is to get rid of it.

Sadly, the last time I worked out was 4th of July. Little Beast was sick over the weekend and I wasn't feeling that great myself. I did however get a crazy workout in on the 4th. Hubby and I went to CrossFit together and this was the WOD:

400m run
50 box jumps
50 KB swings (I used 26 lb)
50 butterfly sit ups
50 pushups
50 wall balls (I used a 10 lb ball)

From what Hubby tells me, I turned purple halfway through. It was really tough! I had to overcome my box jump fear quick since there was 50 of them. I did surprisingly well however since I had no time to think! Since it was only my second time doing wall balls, my form was way off. The closer you stand to the wall, the easier it is. I'll figure it out. Practice makes perfect. Here's a picture of wall ball torture if you are unfamiliar.

It's tough being Paleo and I've had meals where I am 100% paleo and meals when I'm not. I try for the most part to stick to being at least 80% paleo. Paleo Coach suggests picturing a scale in your head and weighing what you want to eat vs meeting your health and fitness goals. It works for the most part but the other night when I imagined a canoli on one side of the scale and my health and fitness goals on the other...well the canoli won. I'm human afterall.

Because of my sweet tooth, I decided to bake something that I could have when fruit doesn't cut it so I baked a Paleo Banana Bread. It's a little dry (think I need to use extra ripe bananas next time) but it tastes wonderful. Hubby is enjoying it just as much as I am!

My Paleo Banana Bread


  1. I am not on a weight loss journey per say so I guess that's why I'm not obsessed with the weigh ins nor the number of days I work out. I know I'm not the best healthy eater, but I also don't obsess over that either. I try not to be too serious about healthy living because then it feels like a chore.

  2. Joi, I agree. If you obsess about something too much, it definitely turns into a chore. Personally, I like setting goals and love accomplishing them so if I tell myself it's a goal, I'm more motivated to do it. A canoli here and there will have to be part of it because life is for living and what's life without a canoli?


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