Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I Squat Therefore I Am

Okay so I stole the title from Rene Descartes. Sue me. Well I guess he can't because he's dead. Still he came up with "I think therefore I am" and that's pretty damn deep. But unlike him (or maybe like him, I have no idea), I squat, therefore I am.

So what spawned this sudden squat excitement? Well..I PR'd again! I have 3 sessions left with Trainer and last night I told her I wanted to focus on squats. So we did. And I PR'd. 125 lbs baby! And guess what? That's not my 1 rep max! For some odd strange reason, I would add weight, squat shallow and then do a second squat that was much deeper. I did 3 sets of 2 at 125 so I'm pretty confident that my 1 rep max is more than 125! 

In I Lift You Lift We Lift, I posted this link - Big Lifts Relative to Body Weight and I mentioned I am going to use the beginner Class IV as a basis for comparison. So if you look at the link, for a Class IV women's squat at 123 pounds, the weight is 130 lbs. I'm pretty damn close! I haven't dead lifted in a while or worked on my other lifts so I don't have updates there. But I'm happy to be almost on the chart for squats. 

I have two sessions left with Trainer and I'm hoping to work on my 1 rep max with her again during my last session. I will also officially join my CrossFit box this week! I'm planning on going to CrossFit a couple times a week (at least 2, hopefully 3) and then doing Renita WODs (yes that's why I call my own workouts) at home and going for a run. 

This weekend, I will be doing my first mud run with Hubby - Rugged Maniac. I am nervous, excited, thrilled and terrified all in one. But if I can get through a CrossFit class, I'm sure I can finish a mud fun..oops I mean run. Seriously that was a typo, I'm not that much of a dork. Well maybe I am.

2013 is over halfway through and I am just amazed at all the changes I've made this year. I've gone from hating working out to loving it, from making excuses to considering exercise a part of my day and from eating a lot of processed foods to eating cleaner. I've run 3 5Ks, will be running a mud 5K this weekend and another 5K later this month. I never knew this could be me but boy am I happy it is! 

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